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How to Gain Temporary Service Provider Access

  1. Work for an approved on-site contractor for IM Flash.
  2. Validate that your company has an approved non-disclosure agreement with IM Flash.
  3. Review a copy of the IM Flash New Contractor Orientation.
  4. Identify your authorized IM Flash Host.
  5. Click on the forms below, fill them out and either e-mail them to lesecurity@micron.com or print and bring with you your first day on site.
How to Gain Full Time Badge Access

  1. Work for an approved on-site contractor for IM Flash.
  2. Validate that your company has an approved non-disclosure agreement with IM Flash.
  3. Complete the IM Flash Contractor Application
  4. Successfully pass a 5 panel drug test and criminal background check and provide individual written confirmations to IM Flash Security.  Please indicate the company and the team member in your written confirmation (and do not send the actual results, just passing confirmation of each test).
  5. Fill out our Vehicle Registration form and e-mail to lesecurity@micron.com or print and bring with you on your scheduled training day.
  6. Attend New Supplier/Contractor Orientation Class occurring every Monday morning at 8:00am. Work with your IM Flash Host to schedule training (note, IM Flash may add new classes as demand requires).

Recommended Drug Screening Companies:
Intermountain Work Med

Recommended Background Check Companies:  
(In the case that your company does not have a preferred supplier already, they can contract through First Advantage)
First Advantage

If you have any questions in meeting these requirements, 
please contact:

Ira Hinckley - (801) 767-3933 
Colin Thornell - (801) 767-3696