Supplier Quality Requirements

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Supplier Quality Requirements


This document provides a high-level overview of the minimum quality, business process, manufacturing, and documentation requirements or expectations for Suppliers supplying IM Flash Technologies with procured goods or services. 

This document and its content shall apply to all potential and incumbent suppliers who are in the process of qualifying to provide, or currently providing, procured goods or services to IM Flash. In the event of any inconsistency between this document and any commercial Agreement (including any purchase order) or statement of work (SOW), the terms in the Agreement or SOW shall have priority. For any documents that are incorporated by reference into this document, in the event of an inconsistency, this document shall have priority.

If this document contemplates future writings between the parties to establish the specifics of a quality 
program for a Product or set of products, that later writing shall have precedence over this document. If any definitions herein are also defined in the Agreement or SOW, the definition(s) contained in the Agreement or SOW shall have priority. Any agreed to exceptions to this document will be set forth in an equivalent Supplier Quality or other commercial document.

If a supplier has any questions regarding the content of this Supplier Quality Requirements Document, they should contact IM Flash Procurement or Supplier Quality Engineer.

Supplier Quality Requirements Document