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Raised Metal Floor Program Reminder

This applies to anyone who:

  • Enters the Fab
  • Works on, around, or under a raised metal floor
  • Opens view tiles
  • Lifts or removes floor tiles for any reason

IM Flash has a strict policy regarding Raised Metal Floor safety that establishes requirements for protecting yourself and others while working around openings in the Raised Metal Floor. This news item has been elevated to help increase awareness of this policy and program around Raised Metal Floor safety practices.  

In order to complete this required review,

1. Log into the Supplier Portal site

2. Under the Secure Area Menu on lefthand side, select Contractor Training

3. Within the training topics, select the Raised Metal Floor Program

a.Scroll to bottom of the page to view training requirements

4. Select link: "New Read & Review: Presentation on Raised Metal Floor Procedure

If you have any questions, please contact