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New SQN System

What this means to you

  • As a supplier or subcon, you will need to be aware of and knowledgeable of the new SQN system and the requirements necessary for completing 8D actions for SQN events
  • To help with this process, we have developed two training documents: one with instructions on how to use the new system, and the other with training on the 8D problem solving process
  • The first few months with the new system may be a little rough. But with everyone’s patience, and support, we believe the change will be mutually beneficial.

What do you need to do?

  • Complete the registration process for gaining access to SQN (see attached material for instructions)
    • Each person who wants to receive notifications of new SQN’s, and access them, will need to be registered with a Micron SQN account.
    • Suppliers that are already registered in Micron’s SCM (Supplier Change Management) system do not have to register for SQN. They just need to send email requesting SQN access as per training materials.
  • Please share this communication with appropriate cross functional counterparts within your company for awareness, support, and gaining access to SQN
  • Provide feedback about the new SQN system to the appropriate Micron Category Supplier Manager, IM Flash Buyer, or Supplier Quality Engineer.


Training Resources

The following materials are included within this communication:


Expected Benefits

  • Easier to use, web-based interface for both external (Supplier/Subcon) and internal (Micron/IM Flash) users
  • Suppliers and Subcons now have direct access to complete 8D problem solving activities through the web-based interface
  • Elimination of the Excel formatted 8D template previously exchanged via email
  • Supplier-Subcon 8D response time requirements were updated (see training material for change details)
  • The new format is more aligned to Micron/IM Flash’s internal 8D process. This more thorough approach helps reduce repeat events and enables more complete problem resolutions
  • Suppliers and Subcons will have increased visibility to the status and due dates for their assigned SQN events
  • Allows for long term action and individual action item tracking for CA/PA (Corrective Action/Preventative Action)
  • Integrated 8D scoring system that allows for real-time feedback on 8D responses


All open SQNs, in the old system, will be completed (closed) as per the old system/process requirements. All old system SQNs and the appropriate 8D information will be archived and retained as per document storage requirements.