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IM Flash Confidential Information

There are many entities looking for information about IM Flash. You may be contacted in various ways or solicited for information, such as:

  • You may get questions via email.
  • You may be contacted via social media.
  • You might get a phone call.
  • You could be overheard in a public place.
  • Your personal computing devices may be compromised.

These third parties have many methods to collect information, such as:

  • They often will compliment your work or your company to break the ice and bring down your guard.
  • They might be offering a service or product to you that could lead to them asking more in depth questions.
  • Sometimes these inquiries are masked as important research being done for the betterment of industry or marketing your products or services.
  • They may pose as someone within one of our parent companies and act like they have pre-authorization.


If you encounter someone who raises a flag with regard to our business or the business you do with us, please do not respond. We would ask that you send these questions to your Purchasing representative or IM Flash Host so that we can take the appropriate action.


Bottom line – please be extremely guarded and somewhat paranoid with any questions you might get where the business need to know is not absolutely clear.