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Fall Protection

Fall protection is a Fatality Prevention Program and everyone must take ownership to protect against incident and injury. Due to the risk associated with working at heights, Micron Corporate Safety Department would like to ensure that all sites are aligned on Fall Protection. The following areas need to be validated to achieve alignment:


  1. Please review with your team the Fall Protection Presentation on the IM Flash Supplier Website , posted under "Contractor Training"
  2. Contractors and Vendors must have their own Fall Protection Program and employees need to be up-to-date on their training.
  3. Ensure that all work at height activities are controlled with a risk assessment, Pre-Task Plan (PTP), or Job Hazard Analysis (JHA). In short any fall hazard needs to be controlled with standard railings or proper fall arrest equipment.

 Please contact the IM Flash Health & Safety Department with any questions or concerns in response to this initiative.