External Ordering Process

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As a supplier to IMFT it is required that you use the following process when placing orders external to IMFT systems and the purchasing department:

a. Order your item through your source to be delivered to IMFT

b. Immediately send an email to the buyer and warehouse teams using our IMFT distribution list. F2_downtool@micron.com

c. Construct the email in the following manner:

I. Subject: External Order Being Delivered – SUPPLIER NAME

ii. Body:

1.Item description
2.Item #
3.Item quantity
4.Blanket PO Number (when available)
5.Tool ID (when available)
6.Work order number (when available)
7.IMFT Delivery location
8.IMFT customer receiving name
9.Tracking number (when available)

iii.If your order includes more than one item repeat 2, 3 and 4.