Change Notification for Parts and Materials

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IM Flash requires all suppliers to submit a change notification when changes are suggested to be made to a product, or the manufacturing process or location used to produce the product.  Changes must be submitted with enough advanced notice that IM Flash can either qualify and approve the suggested change, or find a suitable replacement before the change is implemented. It is preferred that 3-6 months advance notice is given for any change.  In some cases, more time may be needed to adequately introduce the change.

For Materials, (e.g. gases, chemicals, slurry, photoresist, etc.) change notifications are required for the following risk levels:

  • Minor - Change that does not affect the form, fit, function, quality, or reliability of the product. It is one that is operational in nature and does not impact quality, performance, electrical, appearance, or reliability of the product
  • Major - Change that may affect the form, fit, or function of the product and its impact may adversely affect the quality, performance, electrical, appearance or reliability of the product

For Spare Parts and Equipment, change notifications are required based on the following risk matrix:

Change Notifications can be submitted after signing up for a account and completing the following steps.  
(Note: If you have already completed the set up steps, click here to be directed to the site.)

1. Go to
2. Sign up for an account
3. Once your account is setup, log in to and request access to the Material Change Notification Site by typing in your browser and then clicking on the Material Change Notification link
4. Fill out request form and wait until e-mail approval is sent (could take up to a week)
5. Submit your change notification using the on-line tool

Additional instructions are included in the following documents:

Material Change Notification Training (for Raw Materials Suppliers)
Vendor Change Notification Training (for Equipment and Spares Suppliers)