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At IM FLASH we are very proud to have parents like Intel and Micron. Our payments processes are run out of Micron, Boise. Our preferred payment processing system is SAP Ariba. We encourage all suppliers to utilize Ariba to increase efficiency in the payments process leading to more reliable and expedient supplier payments. We understand that not every supplier is capable of using Ariba. IM FLASH cannot send checks to suppliers that are not set up in our internal systems however we can make purchases using a credit card. Suppliers are asked not to provide goods or services without first having a PO or a credit card purchase.

Become an IM FLASH approved vendor
If you are a supplier that will be doing business with IM FLASH on a regular basis become one of our approved vendors. To do this you must have a relationship within IM FLASH, Micron or Intel and be referred internally. One of our purchasing team members will submit your company through the application process and upon acceptance we will set your company up in our purchasing systems. The application process will require you to submit information to us to ensure you meet our supplier compliance requirements. Once you have become an approved vendor we encourage you and the team members that will work with us to create an account to our supplier secure area.

Sign up with SAP Ariba
The most efficient way to process orders, invoices and payments with us is by utilizing SAP Ariba. This application allows you as a supplier to publish your catalog of goods within our facility making the process of locating your goods, ordering items and invoicing goods from you as a supplier much more efficient. Our goal is to achieve "touchless” PO processing.

ERS Processing
As part of our goal to optimize efficiency in payment processing, our approved suppliers are asked to recognize that we use Evaluated Receipts Settlement (ERS) processing whenever possible. If you are an approved supplier that accepts PO payments but not an enabled Ariba supplier, please expect to receive payment automatically where no invoicing is necessary by you as a supplier. Read more about ERS here

Send invoices electronically
If you are unable to become an SAP Ariba enabled supplier and are an approved supplier in our systems, invoices can be sent electronicallyand will be processed much more quickly than invoices mailed to us via post. Hard copy invoices mailed to us via the postal system may be delayed by as much as 6 weeks. We strongly encourage non SAP Ariba enabled suppliers to send invoices electronically via email to help ensure efficient payment. As an approved IM FLASH vendor with an account to this site, locate the accounts payable email inbox here to manually send invoices

Mailing hard copy invoices
Although we discourage this practice we understand that some suppliers must process invoices using the postal service. If you must utilize this method, please send invoices to:

IM Flash
Attention Accounts Payable
8000 S Federal Way
Boise, ID 83707
Mail Stop 1-106

Include a valid purchase order on the invoice
All invoices are required to have a valid purchase order listed. Invoices without a purchase order listed, or with an incorrect or old purchase order number, may be delayed in payment until a correct invoice is sent. Please help us by providing accurate purchase order information on your invoices.

Confirm pricing
In the event that ERS processing is not enabled invoices require a pricing match between the PO and invoice. Invoices with pricing that does not match the PO provided to you may delay payment. Research is required to validate whether your invoice price or the PO price is correct. A new invoice may be requested, or the PO may be adjusted to match. Please help us by checking pricing against the PO when you create the invoice.

Consider credit refunding
Credits owed to IM Flash are generally used to offset current payments to our vendors. On occasion, the credits owed to us are more than the orders we have placed with you. We try to take a forward looking approach, to determine if we will be placing orders with you in the near future. In situations where we do not have regular business with you, and cannot see any orders on the horizon, we may request a cash refund.

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